Sundo practice helps to develop strong life energy and activate the natural healing power of our body. 

It induces a deep meditative mental state throughout the practice session and enables the practitioners to deepen him/her self spiritually. As the practice frees the blocked energy channels and accumulates life energy, (Ki) the practitioners experience enhanced physical health. 

As the life energy in Danjeon (lower abdomen) becomes more solid, the practitioner's mind becomes more balanced and grounded. Since this practice allows the practitioner to take more oxygen into the body, the metabolism is enhanced. The practice enhances blood circulation which in turn helps to recover from physical fatigue and mental stress. 

SunDo practice is also known to be helpful in overcoming obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. The digestive function is enhanced because the intestines are stimulated with the deep lower abdominal breathing. As the function of digestion and excretion are enhanced, the complexion becomes clearer and healthier.  

After several months of practice, practitioners usually begin to feel heat being generated at the Danjeon and can experience vibration of the body due to the activated Ki flow, depending on the individual progress. 

The following are the most frequent reports from beginning practitioners: 

- Better and deeper sleep
- Overcoming fatigue
- Enhanced vitality in everyday life
- Focused and clear mind
- Increased physical flexibility
- Relief from emotional stress
- Enhanced digestion and easy and normal daily excretion
- Warming of hands and feet
- Easy recovery from or resistance to cold and flu
- Enhanced strength of the overall immune system 

Why Danjeon (Lower Abdomen) Breathing is good for Health ?   

To increase the immune system in the body,  the Parasympathetic neuro-system must be excited for the brain to produce Serotonin. 

To excite the Parasympathetic  neuro-system,  it is required to have your mind being peaceful, calm down, and think nothing or only one thing. Generally, meditation with Lotus posture and closing eyes, is known as a very effective way to excite the Parasympathetic neuro-system. 

But more powerful and effective way is to directly push and pull the bundle of Parasympathetic neuro-system, which is surrounded by the Pelvic bones safely. The only way to excite Parasympathetic  neuro-system physically,  is to breathe  deeply by lower abdomen, which is Danjeon.

Sundo practicing is good for your health, because it helps your body to increase the immunity power.