Class in English 

Tuesdays 6.50 - 8.20 (running from 10th September 2019) with Paul Renall
Where: Arha Studio, V.P.Čkalova 26, Prague 6
Price: 180 Kč single entrance, subscription 1.500 Kč per 10 classes
Contact:, 606 643 873

Sundo Practice

The practice session is usually composed of five parts: 

1. Warm-Up Exercises:  The Warm-Up Exercise is for the relaxation and focusing of body and mind to prepare for more effective breathing practice. This preparatory warming-up exercise consists of a series of stretching exercises to relieve stiffness, to enhance and balance our body structure and to stimulate the flow of Ki (life energy, Chi) and circulation of blood. Also, the practitioners are required to clear and focus their mind in this stage.

2. Breathing Meditation (with Lower abdomen) - Haeng gong
The Haenggong is performed with a specific sequence of postures at each level to accumulate Ki and bring universal life energy into our bodies. During this session, the accumulation of Ki at the Lower Abdomen (Danjeon) and circulation of Ki throughout the body is enhanced. Through out the main breathing session, a recorded song is played to help the practitioners to keep a precise rhythmic breathing pattern. 

3. Wrap-up Exercises

The wrap-up (settling down)  exercises empower the mind and body utilizing the Ki accumulated during the main breathing session. The aim is to create the condition of smooth energy-bood circulation. Using special series of postures, the practitioner can send the Ki to each part of the body and internal organs in order to stimulate and strengthen the part and its function. 

4. Internal Organ Exercises (Ki-shin-bup)

Method of circulating the inner energy through the whole body. Exercises generates, increases and harmonizes the energy in the six yin organs and six yang organs according to the Five Element formation principle. In each sequence yin organ position/motion is done first, the yang organ second.  Water (kidneys, bladder), Fire (hearth, small intestine), Wood (liver, gall-baldder), Metal (lungs, large intestine), Earth (spleen, stomach).

5. Strenghtening Excercises

Head stand (in easy or full version), press-ups and sitt-ups are performed at the end of the practice to get charged and ready for the life. 

The Song of Guidance to the Truth

For the breathing meditation - second part of the practice,  an audio recording is used for guiding the breathing practice with postures.

Master Chung-San is singing 16 words repeatedly.

This recording is called Doh-In-Doh-Song and its purpose is to develop focus and harmonize heart and breath.

The Song of Guidance to the Truth

Jung-Gahk-Doh-Won                     Awakened in the foundation of truth,

Chae-Ji-Chae-Neung                      I gain my wisdom and power.

Sun-Doh-Il-Hwa                               When the Universe and I are One,

Goo-Hwal-Chang-Saeng                I will save all living beings.