European Retreats

Intense sundo practice with Master Hyunmoon Kim. Organized in Romania and Czech Republic.

10th European Retreat

Master Hyunmoon Kim

5 - 8th December 2019


Where: Ekocentrum Loutí, Czech republic

Fee: 250 EUR

Deposit 130 EUR, registration form below.

Retreat will take place from Thursday 5pm till Sunday lunch time.

Morning exercise on Fri, Sat and Sun 4.50 - 7.00,  full day program.

Retreat is open to both beginners and advanced.

Accommodation close to Stechovice, Slapy, vegetarian food.


You will receive program and detailed info after you send an application.

Applications: form below or via email

Contakt: Lenka Ryšková,, 606 643 873


To register for the Retreat please fill in the form below and pay the deposit 130 EUR to the account no: 2001482004/2010, IBAN: CZ2620100000002001482004, BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX.


Lenka Ryskova

Lenka has practiced taiji since 1996, and has been teaching it for the last ten years. As a certified taichi instructor she currently teaches taiji for kids, adults and seniors while running a health and relaxation studio in Prague. 

Sundo attracted her for its complex impact on the mind & body. Lenka herself has benefited a lot from the sundo practice, she continuously studies and practices and has attended several retreats with Master Kim. She also visited Korea in early 2017 and practiced there.

In her approach Lenka combines a traditional way of eastern holistic mind&body practice and western understanding of the body based on current physiotherapy. She is particularly interested in Prof. Kolar's method DNS based on developmental kinesiology, finding a great help for correction of body movement patterns there. 

Applying physio-exercises into the training speeds up the  good performance of taiji and sundo practice.