Start your SunDo Practice

You can start with the shorter or full SunDo practice, depending on your time possibilities. The main thing to consider, what time and days in a week you can assign for the practice. It is better to start with the shorter practice twice or three times a week then doing one long practice once a week. Although - anything is better then nothing. Try, feel, how it works for you, find your way.
You can practice by yourself or join our online classes.


Below you find a materials for the full SunDo practice.

Step 4 shows the video of Short and Full practice to follow.

Step 1: Print/learn your position chart


Positions Jung Ki Dan Boub

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Step 2: Print/learn your Warm up, Energy distribution            and Organ exercises chart

Picture Guide for Warm up, Energy distribution and Organ Exercises

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Step 3: Get the mantra for the Breathing meditation

Mantra (38 min)

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Step 4: Follow the charts or video and start your practice